Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Because...

I'm going take a break from this blog so here is a video of Grishina's beam from 2009.


Friday, May 2, 2014

CoP - Tip of The Month

In WAG the top 8 difficult skills will be counted into the D-score. It is possible to do more difficulty but only 8 skills will count. On vault there are no maximum or minimum requirement. A difficulty has already been determined for one element. Example, Yurchenko 2/1 (5.8) or Amanar (6.3). It is fairly easy to determine the difficulty of vaults.

On bars it is pretty easy too. Basically the top 8 highest difficult elements will be counted. Bars doesn't have dance or acro (max/min) but they do have set of compositional requirements that has to be meant. Counting the top 8 skills on bars is fairly easy. Dismount element is always counted into the top 8 skill.

On BB and FX it can get more difficult to count the top 8 skills. There is a maximum of 5 aco skills that a gymnast can count and 3 minumum dance skill a gymnast can count. Dismount elements will always be counted into the top 8 difficulty. It is possible to count 4 acro and 4 dance skills or 3 acro and 5 dance skills. The rule does not always have to be 5 acro 3 dance. Often that is why there are possibilities for 3 pass routines on FX. Some jam their routines with difficult dance elements vs acrobatic elements.

Example Victoria Moors 2013 American Cup counts 4 acro & 4 dance.