Monday, May 16, 2016

Fan Yilin 2016 Chinese National UB EF

Fan could really well be the Olympic gold medalists on this event in Rio. If I can recall correctly her routine is currently the highest difficulty on this event in the world. I know many Chinese have big difficulty like hers in China but I don't think I have seen any other international gymnast with a 7.0 difficulty this quad?

It is a typical Chinese routine with pirouettes but it's a beautiful routine. This style clearly works for China. There's not much to complain since almost every federation has their own unique type of style. Whether it's the whips from Russia or the wolf turns from USA. It's the twisting and pirouettes from China.

7.0 + 8.734 + 0.1internal bonus = 15.834


Mao Yi's 2016 Chinese National AA FX

Mao is one of my current favourite Chinese gymnast. She can twist good. Depending on how well she performs this in Rio and on the Olympic judges style preferences. She could be able to make event finals in Rio. Well I hope she does.

6.4D + 8.6E + 0.2internal bonus = 15.2

Friday, May 6, 2016

55th NHK Results & Videos

Uchimura easily won this competition. He scored here 93.35! The first score is from 70th All Japan combined with NHK. Tanaka did beat Kato here but with the combined total Kato won in 2nd. Uchimura and Kato are officially locks for the Olympics. The full team will be announced at the 70th event final competition in June.

Full results here

1) Kohei Uchimura - 91.3 + 93.35 = 184.65
2) Ryohei Kato - 89.4 + 90.7 = 180.1
3) Yusuke Tanaka - 89.050 + 90.95 = 180.0

Here are some videos that most likely won't be deleted (click here).

And here is the youtube upload by labflapper  of Uchimura and Kato: