Saturday, June 25, 2016

Simone Biles 2016 USA National FX Day 1

Hot damn this floor routine is amazing. Biles is amazing. Even though we see her being amazing all the time it's still always feel new and refreshing. She makes gymnastics exciting to watch.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Japan MAG Rio 2016 Olympic Team

 Kohei Uchimura 

 Ryohei Kato 

 Kenzo Shirai 

 Yusuke Tanaka 

 Koji Yamamuro 

I'm very excited to see this team in Rio. It's the same team as London's 2012 Olympic but Shirai replaces Kazuhito Tanaka. This will be the first Olympics for Kenzo Shirai. I'm wishing this beautiful gymnastic team all the best. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Fan Yilin 2016 Chinese National UB EF

Fan could really well be the Olympic gold medalists on this event in Rio. If I can recall correctly her routine is currently the highest difficulty on this event in the world. I know many Chinese have big difficulty like hers in China but I don't think I have seen any other international gymnast with a 7.0 difficulty this quad?

It is a typical Chinese routine with pirouettes but it's a beautiful routine. This style clearly works for China. There's not much to complain since almost every federation has their own unique type of style. Whether it's the whips from Russia or the wolf turns from USA. It's the twisting and pirouettes from China.

7.0 + 8.734 + 0.1internal bonus = 15.834


Mao Yi's 2016 Chinese National AA FX

Mao is one of my current favourite Chinese gymnast. She can twist good. Depending on how well she performs this in Rio and on the Olympic judges style preferences. She could be able to make event finals in Rio. Well I hope she does.

6.4D + 8.6E + 0.2internal bonus = 15.2