Monday, August 4, 2014

Hot Summer Floor Routines

I'm shortly back to blog about Simone Biles and Claudia Fragapane's floor routines. I couldn't pass this opportunity to not blog about them. I think they are amazing floor routines. Their artistry is different from what I prefer but their strong athleticism are amazing.

A friend asked, "so which floor routine did you think was better?" I easily said Biles but I also liked Fragapane's. But I prefer Biles more because her execution is much cleaner and her dance movements were not as spazzy compared to Fragapane's (edit: maybe it's the music that made it seemed like Fragapane was spazzy). Yeah, yeah I know artistry is defined differently for everyone but I'm not into certain types of movements. Yes they are a bit similar but I just prefer Biles a bit more. Tumbling I think I like Biles more because she does H, G, F & E tumbles vs Fragapane's H, F, E & D. I liked that they both had two double saltos in the stretched position. Biles's dance elements are executed a little bit better than Fragapane's. For music I found it a bit hard to decide. I will say it's a tie since I'm not too fond of both music choices. Overall I think these two floor routines were great but I do prefer Biles new floor routine a bit more.

  What do you guys think?    

Friday, June 20, 2014

Just Because...

I wasn't expecting to take a longer break from this blog but I am. Hopefully I will be back around September. Until then enjoy your summer.

Here's Afanasyeva's 2013 Universiade AA FX.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Because...

I'm going take a break from this blog so here is a video of Grishina's beam from 2009.


Friday, May 2, 2014

CoP - Tip of The Month

In WAG the top 8 difficult skills will be counted into the D-score. It is possible to do more difficulty but only 8 skills will count. On vault there are no maximum or minimum requirement. A difficulty has already been determined for one element. Example, Yurchenko 2/1 (5.8) or Amanar (6.3). It is fairly easy to determine the difficulty of vaults.

On bars it is pretty easy too. Basically the top 8 highest difficult elements will be counted. Bars doesn't have dance or acro (max/min) but they do have set of compositional requirements that has to be meant. Counting the top 8 skills on bars is fairly easy. Dismount element is always counted into the top 8 skill.

On BB and FX it can get more difficult to count the top 8 skills. There is a maximum of 5 aco skills that a gymnast can count and 3 minumum dance skill a gymnast can count. Dismount elements will always be counted into the top 8 difficulty. It is possible to count 4 acro and 4 dance skills or 3 acro and 5 dance skills. The rule does not always have to be 5 acro 3 dance. Often that is why there are possibilities for 3 pass routines on FX. Some jam their routines with difficult dance elements vs acrobatic elements.

Example Victoria Moors 2013 American Cup counts 4 acro & 4 dance.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just Because...

Anastasia Sidorova's 2012 Russian Cup floor routine. I quite like this routine. She was originally one of the most likely gymnast to make the Russian London 2012 team. She was rumoured to have an Amanar. Unfortunately she got injured.