Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paseka VT Gold & Kramarenko UB Gold (D-score) @ Universiade 2015

A lot of unflattering leg separations but still very good first vault. I hope she keeps staying consistent for Russia.

And here is Kramarenko's bar routine. I like her composition. I like that she has two shap 1/2 variations in her routine. Sooo pretty. The only thing that takes away from this routine is the pak salto. It has always been like that. It's good to see Kramarenko still sticking around.

Stalder 1/1 +  Stalder Shap 1/2 (D+E) 0.1CV
Toe 1/2 + Jaeger (C,D)
Pak salto (D)
Toe 1/1 + Tsuk (D+D) 0.1CV

3.3 + 0.2CV = 3.5 + 2.5CR = 6.0 D-score

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Maria Paseka VT QF @ 2015 Universiade

Good vaulting except for that huge pre-flight leg separation. She has been doing very good lately. Russia needs these vaults.


Friday, July 3, 2015

Just Because...Flashback Friday || 2013 Universiade Routines

Here is Afanasyeva's wonderful routine if you can overlook the awkwardness of the gogean leap :P.

And Yang's Gold winning vaults. Hopefully we get to see the Yang (FHS 3/1) as he's not been doing his namesake vault for awhile since he's been battling injuries. I hope he can compete his vault again one day. Also he might plan to compete the Kas 5/2. He's been the first known gymnast to successfully compete it. He's been trying to get it named after himself for awhile now.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kenzo Shirai FX 69th All Japan Apparatus Championships D-Score

7.6D + 8.85E = 16.45

Bwd 7/2 + Fwd 2/1 (E+D) 0.2CV
Ri (G)
Endo roll hstd (C)
Fwd 1/1 + Fwd 3/1 (C+F) 0.1CV
Bwd 5/2 + Fwd 5/2 (D+E) 0.2CV
Somi 1/1 (C)
Bwd Quad (F)

4.6 + 0.5CV = 5.1 + 2.5EG = 7.6 D-Score (video might be deleted/removed soon)

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) FX EF European Games Baku 2015

I've finally got to observe and examine the routines of Mustafina and Steingruber. I've read that Mustafina did not get credit for quad turn and Steingruber should of gotten 0.3 oob deduction. IMO Mustafina did complete the quad turn but overall I preferred Steingruber's routine. Looking at her feet I can see the 0.1 oob but not the 0.3 oob. It's not unusual for someone to win with an oob deduction.

At the end of the day the judges also preferred Steingruber's routine. The things that bothered me about Mustafina is her spin combo at the beginning, then she tried to do the Memmel at the end again and was unsuccessful. Too many spins imo. I love spins but in this actual case she did way toooo many. Another thing is her music and choreo. I thought I could like it but I can't. She is still a pretty mover but this routine really takes the cake for background music. It felt like she was not listening to her music. It felt weird. I'm impressed with her new DLO debuts though :). I bet she will have different music come Glasgow. This might have been a testing competition for her.

I love Steingruber's gogean leap and think the straight 3/2 jump was cool.