Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shaposhnikova Variations

There are many different terms for the Shaposhnikova skill on the Uneven Bars. The Shaposhnikova variations are some of my favourite bar skills. Natalia Shaposhnikova was the first to do this element way back in the 80's. For short, I will refer the Shaposhnikova as "Shaposh." Let's take a look at some of the variations and the terms I prefer to call them.

Shaposhnikova - All Shaposh starts on the low bar facing away from the HB. The Shaposh is from a clear hip circle with flight backwards to hang on high bar. This skill is rated at D (0.4).

Khorkina - Clear hip circle with flight backwards, 1/2 turn to hang on HB. Skill rated at E.

Here is a video of Ekaterina Kurbatova competing these two skills.


Chow - Is from a straddle stalder. The skill is rated at D. I believe Amy Chow was the first to do this variation.

Chow 1/2 - Is from a straddle stalder with 1/2 turn. This skill is rated at E. Currently no one is technically credit with this skill name.

Huang Huidan competes these two skills in her routine.


Maloney - Is from a toe-on bar. This skill is rated at D.

Van Leeuwen - This skill is from toe-on with 1/2 turn. It is rated at E. It must be respected that Van Leeuwen was the first to do this with the 1/2 turn. It sometimes annoys me when I hear it as a Maloney II or Khorkina II.

Here Laura van Leeuwen performs these two skills in her routine


Komova II - This time it gets trickier. This skill starts from inbar stalder. It is worth E.
Komova - Inbar stalder with 1/2 turn, worth E.

Here is Komova competing her own skills.

Seitz - Is a truly amazing skill. It is a toe-on with full turn to HB. It's a shame it's only worth E.

The daring Elisabeth Seitz performing her own skill

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