Monday, August 4, 2014

Hot Summer Floor Routines

I'm shortly back to blog about Simone Biles and Claudia Fragapane's floor routines. I couldn't pass this opportunity to not blog about them. I think they are amazing floor routines. Their artistry is different from what I prefer but their strong athleticism are amazing.

A friend asked, "so which floor routine did you think was better?" I easily said Biles but I also liked Fragapane's. But I prefer Biles more because her execution is much cleaner and her dance movements were not as spazzy compared to Fragapane's (edit: maybe it's the music that made it seemed like Fragapane was spazzy). Yeah, yeah I know artistry is defined differently for everyone but I'm not into certain types of movements. Yes they are a bit similar but I just prefer Biles a bit more. Tumbling I think I like Biles more because she does H, G, F & E tumbles vs Fragapane's H, F, E & D. I liked that they both had two double saltos in the stretched position. Biles's dance elements are executed a little bit better than Fragapane's. For music I found it a bit hard to decide. I will say it's a tie since I'm not too fond of both music choices. Overall I think these two floor routines were great but I do prefer Biles new floor routine a bit more.

  What do you guys think?