Friday, August 12, 2016

Rio 2016 MAG & WAG All-Around Results

MAG Full Results 
1) Kohei Uchimura 92.365
2) Oleg Verniaiev 92.266
3) Max Whitlock 90.641

I finally have time to quickly blog about this. I think I used all my excitement and energy on tumblr.

The MAG AA was exciting! I did saw it live. I had so many emotions. There were points where I gave up and accepted that there would be a new champion. But then when it came to highbar I knew Kohei was able to do it. He is world champion on highbar. He really performed enough for the win. When he perfectly stuck his dbl dbl dismount I knew it was his gold medal. He did all that he could and he really brought it at the last minute. He was not gonna lose his AA streak. Kohei is AMAZING! Winning 8 major consecutive AA titles in a row! In an interview he said this Olympic games will be his last time competing AA. I am going to miss seeing him compete AA but I am still excited to see him compete as a specialist. He is really motivated for Tokyo 2020. Kohei is a hero to many and he is my hero too.

His rivals Oleg Verniaiev and Max Whitlock definitely put pressure on Kohei. Oleg was also amazing. At times I started to accept that he would of won but it was not meant to be. His highbar has always been a weak event for him. He has a huge fan following and for the next quad he can be as dominant as Kohei has been. It'll be exciting to see if he can.

WAG Full Results 
1) Simone Biles 62.198
2) Aly Raisman 60.098
3) Aliya Mustafina 58.665

On the women's side I was only able to watch the first two rotations. I later watched the last two rotations on replay. It was no surprise that Simone Biles won gold. She was amazing. I kept saying ooh and wow when she kept sticking her floor passes. She is an amazing gymnast. She completely dominated the 2016 quad. And she can very much as well do it in the next new up coming quad. This girl is on fire! When I saw Aly and Simone get emotional after their floor routines I started to get emotional too. Usually I am not an American fan but I am slowly becoming one. They both did the best yesterday night. I am happy for them. And then there is Aliya Mustafina. Her strong bar routine and strong competitive mentality helped her to secure the 3rd place. I am happy she can win AA 3rd again at Olympics. Still rooting for a gold medal on bars for her.


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