Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top Beam E-Scores From London 2012 Team Finals

These are some of my favourite beam routines from London. These beam routines all had execution scores over 9.0. I enjoyed the commentary for Afan's beam routine. I especially like the slow motion replays of her skills. She is precise on her leaps and I like how aggressive she does the split leap 1/1. Hopefully Afan can get back to this level of consistency on beam. Her E-score 9.033:
Catalina Ponor got the highest E-score of 9.116. Last year I said this was one of my favourite beam routine of the 09-12 quad. I like how she is aggressive and she truly connects everything. Her dbl pike dismount is really nice. We rarely see well performed dbl pikes like that:

Then there is Kyla Ross. Many people consider her boring and I can see why but I really enjoy her routines. She is so clean and precise. I mean how can a switch ring + back tuck be boring? Too bad she doesn't do it anymore, plus the bonus is only one tenth. She is also very consistent which is always a good thing. I wished she had made EF on beam over Raisman. Too bad that Ross got pushed out of EF because of the 2 per country rule. Her E-score 9.033:

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