Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elite Canada 2014 Upgrades

I'm a little late to report these news but I've been having too much fun watching online coverage of the Sochi Olympic Games. So far Canada has been doing really well in the medal count  :).

I haven't forgotten about gymnastics. Lately I've been feeling kind of uninspired and don't know what to post. I guess I'll blog that Elite Canada happened last week and the big news was Victoria Moors's and Ellie Black's upgrades. They had some major mistakes but this is early in the season and they were just getting use to their new upgrades. The upgrades are nice but they need to work on execution. Execution is something that will be holding Canada back in elite gymnastics. Hopefully they will be able to do these new upgrades at world's.

Moors's is now dismounting beam with a full in tuck (G) and Black is doing ff + tuck 1/1 (B+F) on beam. That combo is worth 0.2.

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