Friday, November 28, 2014

Afanasyeva's 2014 Team QF DTB Pokal FX & More

All video credit link goes to whiptotriple from tumblr. Her youtube page illusionturns.

My thoughts. Well its nice to see Afan back but she still has a lot of work to do if she ever wants to be competitive in elite again. That being said I'm happy to see her in a international competition again. I hope the double layout will come back. It's good she can still do a DTY. Her floor routine music is a no no. I hope its just something random she decided to use for this year. I hope her next music choice will be better. In terms of artistry and style she is not putting her all into it. It's really lifeless but there is still something distinct and unique about the way she moves. Perhaps better floor music will help. I wonder how long she has been training for this competition? This was only qualification too. I feel we put so much pressure on gymnasts, oops. I hope everything works out for her and that her ankle gets stronger and fully recovered.

By the way Ekaterina Kramarenko's is still kicking ass on bars. It's nice to see.

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