Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sae Miyakawa FX D-Score @ 69th Japanese Championships

Wow. Watch it before it gets taken off. Usually Japanese footage gets deleted from youtube.

DLO 1/1 (H)
Fwd whip + Dbl front (B+E) 0.2
Switch leap + Split leap 1/1 (B,C)
1/1 Turn (A)
Dbl Dbl (H)

3.5 + 0.2CV = 3.7 + 2.5CR = 6.2 D-Score 

I think she can even upgrade her dance elements. She can upgrade her turn and one of her leaps. Also maybe she can stag out of her double front. Maybe she can get around 6.5/6.6 difficulty.


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