Monday, June 15, 2015

Mustafina & Komova DLO FX @ Baku 2015 Prelims

Mustafina and Komova both debuted double layouts for the first time. It's exciting to see these new upgrades from them. I suspect that they will get better at performing DLO's as they keep training and consistently compete them.

I was most surprised that Komova did the DLO. I have heard in the past she trained it but I have never seen videos. Mustafina on the other hand. The gymternet has known that she's been training DLO's and in my mind I had suspected that she would one day debut DLO. It was nice to see it here.  Her new floor music is slow pace which will help her with endurance. I'm not sure if I like her routine yet as it's new music and skills. Hopefully it will grow on me.

I'm not too convinced with the scoring on floor. I know comparing scores from say this year's European Championships to European Games is kind of moot. Since different judges and maybe different rules but I can't help but compare scores from other competitions from this year and try to understand what the judges are doing. I love Mustafina but in my personal opinion her score should be lower even with the -0.3 deduction. I know I might sound negative and I was not planning to put my opinion about this but it doesn't matter. At least I'm saying what I feel. It's nice to see Mustafina back again though. Team Russia really needs her.


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