Monday, April 11, 2016

Ksenia Afanasyeva Russian Championships 2016 New Floor Routine

This was from event finals where she tied with Angelina Melnikova for 14.567.

What can I say? Well for starters my judgement will be clouded since I'm an Afanasyeva fan. I can say I really like the music even if the folky parts are not my favourite. I especially like the beginning parts with the beat boxing sounds. I do feel a bit tired of her routines having the same dance through passages. It's become predictable where she will dance. In pictures she looks gorgeous with her movements but here she does seem to be doing less dancing. But still, there seems to be something professional about how Afan moves when she is fully committed to her routines. Here she was not fully well prepared for this competition. It makes me wonder why she even competed.

From what I hear she will compete at Europeans. This routine can improve more as she prepares better. For now it just seems sluggish but has time for refinements. It reminded me of her 2015 routine where I was not so sure but when she performed in Glasgow FX EF I actually liked her routine. We'll see how this new routine unfolds.


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