Monday, June 17, 2013

Andreea Munteanu - The Leader of Her Generation (in Romania)

A while ago I read a very long and interesting interview on Octavian Bellu. It was a television interview translated by blogger Carmen Manda at Romanian Gymnasts. There are a lot of interesting topics in that interview that are worth reading. I won't go into details of what it's about but while I was messaging a friend from around a week ago she asked me which Romanian juniors have good beam. I immediately thought of Andreea Munteanu because I remembered this interview. In that interview Bellu is asked who will we see in Rio...any new names from the juniors? Not surprisingly he answered Iordache and Bulimar. For the new name he only mentioned Munteanu and said, "Andreea Munteanu, I mention her here because she is the leader of her generation." I didn't know much about Munteanu so I searched for some videos of her and she is a great balance beam worker. Not surprisingly Romanians are very good on beam. Sometimes I don't prefer their style on beam but they have some special work in their routines. They work really aggressive and are very sure about what they do. They don't seem to lack confident. Their routines are rarely filled with wobbles.

I quite like Munteanu on beam. She has very good leaps. And her acro + dance connections looks nicely connected. She's definitely beam gold material. She can do a DTY and her floor is good but as always her bars is Romanian meaning not the best.

Switch leap + Tuck back (C) 0.1CV
Front Aerial + leap series (D) 0.1CV
FF + Tuck 1/1 (F) 0.2CV
Johnson leap (C)
Front tuck + Sissone leap (D) 0.1CV
Switch leap 1/2 (D)
Side-somi (D)
Full turn
FF + BHS + 3/1 twists (F) 0.1SB

3.4 + 0.5CV + 0.1SB = 4.0 + 2.5CR = 6.5 D-score.
I used the senior CoP so it's different from the junior one.

Other good Romanian beamers

Andreea Iridon

Madalina Blendea

The more I think about it I'm starting to be a fan of Romanian beam.

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