Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Because...Alexander Alexandrov in Brazil?

So I am hearing some mumbo jumbo news about Alexandrov being in Brazil? There are no official news source so I'll take this whole Alexandrov now working in Brazil with a grain of salt. If this turns out to be officially true then Russia has lost a great coach. In my opinion it was not all his doing that made Russia so successful last quad but he was part of it. Some things that bother me is that some people thinks Alexandrov did everything for Russia. I think this is why there are so many drama in the Russian Federation. Whatever the case, the Russians so far seems to be doing okay for now. The big test will be worlds in Antwerp. I have faith that the Russians will be just as successful as last quad. Regarding Mustafina, she seems to be a strong headed woman. I have faith in her to still be successful without Alexandrov. Yes it's sad that Alexandrov might of left Mustafina but I feel Mustafina has the been there done that mentality. It's not the first time a coach left her. She will be fine.

Edit: Mustafina left Alexandrov! Now there are news source about this whole drama. Basically as we all already knew that Alexandrov's contract as head coach expired on Dec 2012. It was not renewed leaving him out as the head coach. He was still allowed to be Aliya's personal coach but Aliya refused to have him as her personal coach. Alexandrov is now in America with his family.

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  1. Okay, so Alexandrov wants to get the hell out of Dodge. But why would he leave Mustafina behind? The lynch mob at Lake Krugloye did not seem to be particularly fond of her either.

  2. V. Rodionenko: "Sever all ties with your personal coach. He has exposed the incompetence of the front office."

    Mustafina: "Y-y-yes master."

    I am sure Aliya fought valiantly against it, but in the end she too was assimilated into Valentina's Borg Collective. Alexander must have found his protégé shortly after the transformation, a fiercely independent leader now a demure servant, and realized he was the only one left. So he did what any rational person would do--he fled. To reason with drones is futile.

    Obviously there are some missing pieces to the gymnastics puzzle. But it would take a pile of them to re-cast Aliya as a hapless victim rather than Valentina's Mini-Me. Until it has been proven otherwise, Alexander is still the unsung hero in my opinion.