Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013 Massilia Videos/Quick Thoughts

There are lots of videos at piibunina's channel.

Admittedly I haven't seen all the videos but I think one of my favourite routine is from Claudia Fragapane. It's unique.
  I wasn't really impressed by the Russians but it's great to see Ekaterina Kramarenko still competing and looking not too shabby. IMO it's weird how Russia's veterans are still a bit better than the new Russian seniors. The newer Russian generation lacks execution or difficulty. The newer seniors can still improve but I find it hard that when gymnasts like Semenova, Afanasyeva, Komova, Grishina, Mustafina etc at age 16 had superior style than the current new Russian generation. The newer girls are not as polished. Now I know that there is a new code but even back then they still had about the same or more difficulty with better execution. I guess we'll have to wait and see how the other girls like Kharenkova or Kuzmina does. I do like Anna Rodionova but she lacks difficulty and this is what I'm saying. Even in the old codes 2008-2012 her older teammates still had more difficulty compared to her and they had good execution. I know that Rodionova has the ff + Arabian combo but that's about it. I feel Russia is either lacking in difficulty but has good execution or has good difficulty but lack execution, for example Shelgunova. She has good difficulty but really lacks execution. She's already 16 and when most of her veteran teammates were at the same age as Shelgunova they were better than her. I'm not hating on Shelgunova but I just want to point out that she needs a lot of work in her execution.

In this beam routine she is going for 6.7. Good difficulty but bad execution. Hopefully she'll improve or take out some skills/connections.

Ro + Layout (E) 0.1CV
Switch leap + Switch leap 1/2 (D) 0.1
Aerial cartwheel + loso (D) 0.2
Front Aerial + Sheep jump (D+D) 0.2
Front tuck + wolf jump (D) 0.1
Full turn
Switch Ring (E)
Dbl Pike (E)

3.5 + 0.7CV = 4.2 + 2.5CR = 6.7 D-Score

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