Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CoP - Tip of The Month

In WAG floor exercise a gymnast must include a minimum 360 turn on one foot. 360 is a full turn. Also gymnasts who shows insufficient use of the entire floor area will be deducted 2 tenths. The deductions for insufficient use of the entire floor area are:
  • Insufficient use of straight lines, curves and changes of directions. 0.1 deduction.
  • Missing movement touching the floor (including truck/thigh or head). 0.1 deduction. This requirement is usually referred to as low floor choreography. Most gymnasts would do this requirement since getting deducted for 1 tenth is not worth it. Every tenths counts.
The deduction for not having a full turn is 3 tenths. I often get mixed up with these requirements because they are not part of the D-score's 2.5 CR (compositional requirements). The execution panel will take out these deductions not the D panel.

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