Thursday, March 19, 2015

CoP - Tip of The Month

Lately on floor I've been noticing many gymnasts quickly doing an extra dance jump out of another turning leap. This new trend really helps the gymnast to get her difficult leaps credited.

The November 2014 code update states: "When there is a jump/hop, or leap with turn directly connected to another element from the COP and in the first element the turn is not completed exactly (but the gymnast is able to continue into the next element), the first element will NOT be devalued or recognized as another DV from the COP."

An Example would be split leap with 3/2 (1.5) turn + split jump 1/2. Basically if the split leap 3/2 was not fully rotated but the gymnast was able to directly link it to another jump/hop or leap then the split leap 3/2 will be recognized as D element.

Video Example:

Ksenia Afanasyeva - split leap 3/2 + split jump 1/2 split leap 3/2 is credited

MyKayla Skinner - switch leap 1/1 + sissone switch leap 1/1 is credited

*My personal opinion is that I dislike this new rule. A lot of leaps has become so unrecognizable and unattractive. But difficulty is the name of the game.