Monday, March 9, 2015

Ksenia Afanasyeva 2015 Russian Championships FX EF

I like the music and the way she moves. Arm waving queen. Simple movements and still artistic.

In team finals she successfully competed 5/2 twists + 1/1 twist. That pass was last seen in Beijing 2008. It's not an easy pass for her so that's why I'm excited. Also she is doing a new split jump 3/2 (D) at the beginning of her routine. She's trying really hard to upgrade. With what she has been showing at this national, if she adds back the Y-turn after her 2/1 L-turn she can go up to 6.6D-score!

It's a far stretch but if she can do 1/1 DLO she can be at 6.8. This girl really needs a skill named after her. Maybe a 3/1 Attitude turn or even 3/1 L-turn :P? She has a good balance of difficult acro + beautiful dance elements. Not many can achieve this.


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