Monday, August 3, 2015

2015 Asian Gymnastic Championships || News Link & Videos

Here are some links to great resources of news and videos from 2015 Asian Gymnastics Championships. It's not easy to find English news of Japanese gymnastics. I like these sites ryohei-kato and peggyswonderland. I know its tumblr but these sites helped me be up to date and once you get the hang of tumblr it's fun and easy.  

Here's Wang Yan's winning floor routine. I like the 3/2 indirect to 3/1 + front punch and of course the tuck dbl dbl at the beginning.

Here's Shirai's  winning floor routine. The triple double tuck always gets me. It's amazing to be honest and for whatever reasons I like the endo roll to handstand. He may only have one double salto but his routine is still exciting. Those twisting combinations are no walk in the park. I'm still dreaming the day he puts in the triple dbl layout that he's been seen doing. Now that would be on whole new level of amazing.


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