Saturday, August 22, 2015

Just Because...All Kohei Uchimura 2014 World Championship Routines

Plus you get to see Yusuke Tanaka's floor routine :P.

I think the only person that can cause an upset to Uchimura is Verniaiev and possibly Whitlock. We haven't seen much of Whitlock but he'll start to compete more in the next coming months. Then there are his own teammates like Kato and Tanaka. Kato recently had a mishap at a college meet but hopefully it's nothing serious and he can resume normal training. Either than that I don't think guys like Mikulak can even make top 3. Well anything can happen but he'll have to over come other guys before even getting close to 1st.


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  1. I think Mikulak could make 3rd. If Manrique Larduet from Cuba turns up, he has definite potential for 3rd too and maybe this is a bit of a wildcard but I think Jossimar Calvo could do it too, he's been getting a little bit better every comp.