Monday, February 20, 2012

Anna Myzdrikova!!!

The first time I saw Myzdrikova was on FX at the 2009 world championships. She was the first qualifier to floor finals. She was amazing. Her tumbles were unique and refreshing at that time. Her whip + double Arabian was stuck and with PERFECT form. Her double arabian is one of the best arabians I have ever seen. It's even better than the male gymnasts. She is so tucked and precise, it's BEAUTIFUL. Her other unique tumble was the triple twist + back tuck. She is one of Russia's best floor workers this quad. Unfortunately she has been battling some injuries and cannot do a decent bar routine so she never really got the chance to shine as a popular Russian gymnast. She lacks a little bit of artistry but I can watch her 2009 WC floor and still be amazed by her tumbles. If I had a top 10 favourite list for Russian gymnasts, Myzdrikova would be on my list.

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