Thursday, February 9, 2012

Russia's WAG For Team GOLD, or will USA win?

I think USA has this one. They are consistent, consistent, consistent and have Amanars, Amanars, Amanars. Russia lacks these qualities right now. If Russia has Amanars at the Olympics, will they have consistency and mental toughness? It's hard to say how Russia will be like, they are very unpredictable, oh Russia. I just want them to fight with a burning passion at the Olympic games. I want them to prove to the world that they can win and it's just not all hype.

If I were to bet money on who will win I would place my bets on USA though. I also think we should not forget about China, they actually have the potential to challenge USA and Russia. Oh and never count out the Romanians, NEVER.

During the Olympic games my eyes will mostly be glued on to and cheering for team Russia.

2010 World Championships - Team Gold Medalists.

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