Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts On Anastasia Sidorova

Her current injury status is unknown. Supposedly she is still not 100% with her wrists. But really, no gymnasts are really 100% injury free. There will always be something nagging on a gymnast’s body. Sidorova did compete at Voronin Cup in December ’11 and at the most recent Moscow Championships. She was supposed to compete at the London test event in January but was not prepared enough or was resting her wrists. She is known for her consistency on VT, BB & FX. She supposedly had an Amanar vault but there are no videos to back this up. Her DTY is good so the thought of her being capable of doing an Amanar is possible.

There are a lot of fans who wants to see Sidorova on the Russian’s Olympic team. I can see her on it but I am not completely sold on her yet. If she can remain consistent throughout the next big competitions or have an Amanar she will no doubt be on the team. Another possibility could be that she would be relegated to the dreaded alternate spot if her consistency does not improve. We have in the past seen very good up and coming gymnasts touted to make an Olympic team only to be relegated as an alternate.

Sidorova’s most recent competitions (Voronin Cup & Moscow Championships) were rough for her. I know that she is not 100% or it’s early in the season but we have seen her better before. Her consistency has dropped a bit and she seems to be unsure about herself lately. Her DTY is still good, her bar difficulty is too low, her BB and FX is still her strongest events. Sidorova seems to be maxed out with upgrades but anything is possible as Dementyeva and Grishina proved this by - upgrading quickly.

Here are some of her performances


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