Monday, August 6, 2012

Afanasyeva For 2012 FX Gold Part 2

Imagine if Afanasyeva wore the famous yellow and black jumpsuit by Bruce Lee in the floor finals? I would die of joy if she did. It would be a perfect leo for her. I'm not saying she will wear something like that but it would be a cool idea. Afan has one of the most unique floor routine this entire quad. Not everyone will get it but I think a lot of younger people will. I won't be completely devastated if she doesn't win or medal.
The fact that she made it to another Olympics and deservingly qualified to her best events is mind blowing. I've never thought she could be so consistent and solid on beam. I knew she was beautiful to watch on beam but to hit her beam routines consistently is somewhat rare for her (the Russians never use her on beam in team finals until now). And let's talk about the double layout. It's huge and in your face. Let's not forget about the synchronized swimming choreo too, a lot fans loves that part.
She's my pick for floor gold. I don't have high expectations because I don't want to have any heartbreak meltdown. She will go up first in the finals. This means she will have to do her best and give the judges a first good impression. LET'S GOLD KSENIA AFANASYEVA!

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  1. If you caught CTV (Canadian) coverage of the Qualifiers, Kyle Shewfelt referred to her routine as "Fierce and Exsquisite!