Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Men's Olympic All-Around Finals

The competition will begin at 11:30 AM EDT. I will be watching two streams at the same time :-D. CTV & BBC I'll put one on mute though :). There is also this stream but it will be interrupted for local news and then you'll have to find another different link.

My favourite to win is Kohei Uchimura but I'm not going to have any high expectations. He hasn't lived up to all the hype and he seems to have lost his magic touch. He will have major competition. I hope he will have a clean competition and no falls for him. He can still win with probably two falls but it just wouldn't look good. I'm still rooting for him though. LET'S GO KOHEI!

EDIT 1: What a thrilling finals. Uchimura wins with one fall. I had hope that he didn't fall with a win but that's the C.O.P. and it also proves just how incredible Uchimura is. He has been crowned World Champion AA three straight times in a row. Now he has the 4th AA Gold medal as an Olympic one. He will be in the record books as one of the greatest gymnast of all time. Too bad for his teammate Tanaka. He was a last minute replacement gymnasts for the AA. He did well for a guy who wasn't expecting to do AA. He was so close to 2nd but fell on the pommel horse.

I am actually more happy for Marcel Nguyen. Who would of thought he was going to get 2nd? He was really the surprise of the day. Very inspirational stuff. Nguyen had always been in the shadow of his more famous teammates, but now he is shining. Congrats to Nguyen.

Also shout out to Leyva. He has work so hard for this. He will definitely be fighting for a gold medal in the event finals. HB gold medal? It could be his.

Full results: CLICK HERE


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