Thursday, August 2, 2012

Women's Olympic All-Around Finals

I'll be watching BBC coverage. Competition starts live in about 18min at 11:30 AM EDT. I'm not heavily invested in this competition. I'll be cheering for Komova and Douglas. Mustafina is a sentimental favourite so I'll be watching out for her too. Oh and then there is Iordache. I'm hoping she can stay up there too. She hasn't had the best Olympic experience so far. As for Deng and Huang I have no hope, I just want them to hit. If they both hit, they're already winners in my book. Good luck to all the ladies and pleaseeeeeee make it a clean competition.

EDIT 1: GABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well deserved GOLD! This is amazing. You are the best. You are 1# Olympic AA Gold. So happy right now.

So disappointed for Komova. Just wasn't enough. She should be happy because of the silver. What I liked about her tonight was that she fought for her floor. Even she knew it wasn't enough. The judges made the right decisions.

Aliya freakin' Mustafina is BOSS! She still got 3rd with a fall. I am happy for her.

Tonight there was inspiration and history in the making.


I'm going to watch the live medal ceremony. It's on right now

EDIT 2: Yeah, Huang and Deng hit, lol. Good job girls.


  1. Don't agree; imo, the Russian was better in terms of grace and execution. To me, these aspects were crystal-clear; let's just take the beam and the floor where they received almost the same notes - the notes were biased towards the American.

  2. Aliya shouldn't have fucking 3rd. She fucking fell! I'm glad Gabby won.