Monday, January 21, 2013

Liu Zhilin 2013 AYOF BB & UB

I'm really liking this gymnast's style. Admittedly I haven't watched all the available AYOF videos yet but this gymnast stood out for me because of her beam combination and her potential to be a good bar worker. At the 2012 Massilia Cup Liu did a very unique and cool wolf jump hop + aerial cartwheel. This time at the AYOF she added a sissone leap after the aerial cartwheel.

Wolf jump hop + Aerial cartwheel gif from 2012 Massilia Cup. Source: monigymnastics

BB routine from 2013 AYOF:

UB: It's a shame that her intricate elgrip turns into release skills will no longer be worth 0.2 but now only 0.1. Her work is really clean.

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