Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Russian Senior Yulia Chemareva

One of Russia's new seniors is Yulia Chemareva. She is coached by Marina Nazarova who also coaches Ksenia Afanasyeva and ex-gymnast Ksenia Semenova. Chemareva is basically an uneven bars specialist. She is good on bars and decent on floor exercise. Her beam has potential if she works hard on execution and consistency. She is by far the cleanest bar worker compared to the other new up and coming Russian juniors/seniors. I hope she can be a contender as one of Russia's top gymnasts.

Here is her recent 2012 bar routine:

Here is her floor routine from 2011:

Here is her BB routine from 2011 Voronin Cup. She did make some improvements since her other competitions. Shame about the double tuck:



  1. How tall is she? It looks like her height will cause her some problems. Plus she'll still probably be growing.

  2. Long limbs and a tiny torso... yep, she's still growing!

  3. She's not on the main Russian National team. She better work hard to get on that list.