Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Thoughts on American Cup '13

First congratulations to Dalton and Ohashi for winning. Results here I missed the first half of the competition for MAG: FX, PH, SR and WAG: VT. I watched the German coverage which had Philipp Boy commentary. Of course I didn't understand any of the commentary but he seemed to of enjoyed Ohashi's beam and I think he even asked his co host if Ohashi's Memmel spin was elegant, and it was.

I kind of felt sorry for Danell Leyva :( Apparently he was sick so hopefully that was the reason why he was faltering. I'm happy that Victoria Moors came in 3rd AA. I like her floor routine but what is up with her spin? I might sound like an ass for saying this but I hate the spin. Someone please enlighten me on it. I don't get it. One of my friend said that it looked like she was covering up a hurt knee :D I just don't like how she falls to the ground. I know that she does it on purpose but why?

I thought the judges were harsh on Asuka Teramoto's downgraded 3/1 twists but then it was fair game because Ohashi was also downgraded on her leap elements.

I'm still not sure if I like Ohashi's floor routine: Ohashi's beam is growing on me. Ohashi never connected what she intended to but the fact that her difficulty score was still 6.8 is astounding, it's just crazy that it can be up in the 7.3 range when she hits everything. Vanessa Ferrari is still kicking ass on floor with a dbl dbl tuck! Aside from Ohashi and maybe Teramoto's beam, I wasn't really impressed with the beam performances. Well Simone Biles two flic flac to full in tuck impressed me but not the other parts of her routine.

This competition is the beginning of the gymnastics season so I can understand that not everyone was at their best peak. I will say this though, I miss Kohei Uchimura's good form and execution.

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