Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Videos From La Roche sur Yon (2013 French Cup)

1) FX Ksenia Afanasyeva: D-6.0 + E-8.633 = 14.633

She seems to be getting stronger. I like the new one lunge rule. On her DLO landing there will be no deductions. Her double pike has improved and it looks like she almost over rotated her round off to 5/2 twists. I think she can do better. She is improving on this event. 2) FX Diana Bulimar: D-5.9 + E-8.633 = 14.533

She got the exact same e-score as Afanasyeva. This little gymnast has a lot of energy. She will be a threat for floor title this year. She's so tiny she can do round off + bhs into 3/2 twists round off + bhs to double tuck :D 1) BB Carlotta Ferlito: D-5.8 + E-8.5 = 14.300

Really nice beam routine and well deserved gold.

3) BB Vasiliki Millousi: D-5.2 + E-7.933 = 13.133

I quite like this beam routine. Really elegant style. Shame about the dismount and the accompanying music and claps were really inappropriate. Maybe a different type of music would have been appropriate. The music at this meet was weird. Some of the choices were opera music for the men's routines. And it was kind of weird to see that this meet was not on a podium.

More videos here: Rodolfo Ramos
Results:  WAG 

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