Friday, March 29, 2013

Iordache & Zeng 2013 Doha Cup Balance Beam

Larisa Iordache's beam is full of difficulty. Everyone is raving about the two full twist saltos in her routine but I love her dismount, round off + bhs + 3/1 twists :D. She will be a major contender on beam for European and Worlds. I like her beam but she is a bit scrappy with her toes but I generally like her routine more than dislike. I understand that every style is different. Romanians like to move quick on beam and it works for them. I just prefer more slow fluent artistry than scrappy fast paced movements.

D-score 6.7 + 8.8 E-score = 15.5 1st. When I calculate her beam I get 6.8. I'm thinking she lost the front aerial + wolf jump connection but it looked connected enough.

FF + Tuck 1/1 (F) 0.2CV
RO + Layout 1/1 (G) 0.2CV
Switch leap (C)
Switch leap 1/2 (D)
Front Aerial + Wolf + Split Jump (D) 0.1CV
Y-Spin (C)
Side-Somi (D)
RO + BHS + 3/1 Twists (F) 0.1SB

3.7 + 0.5CV + 0.1SB = 4.3 + 2.5CR = 6.8 D-score

Another favourite BB routine I liked was Zeng Siqi. I like the switch ring leap + sheep jump combination. I'm always impress with the Chinese dance element connections. Zeng placed 2nd D-6.6 + E-8.55 = 15.150

FF + FF + Layout + sissone (E) 0.1SB 0.2CV
Switch Ring + Sheep Jump (E+D) 0.2CV
Front Tuck (D)
Front Aerial + Split Jump (D) 0.1CV
Aerial Cartwheel (D)
Switch leap + tuck (C) 0.1CV
Full Turn
RO + dbl Pike (E)

3.4 + 0.6CV + 0.1SB = 4.1 + 2.5CR = 6.6 D-score

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