Monday, April 1, 2013

Mustafina's 2013 Zakharova Cup Uneven Bars

Aliya Mustafina's bars looks so easy for her. I'm predicting she will have some major upgrades to surprise us. It's intriguing me as to how she will upgrade her routine. Mustafina's Olympic winning routine had a 7.0 difficulty rating. At the recent Zakharova Cup she competed a 6.3 routine and had a massive score of 15.5.

D-6.3 + E-9.2 = 15.5. Her execution is high and highly deserved. What's interesting to note is that she changed her first pirouette to inbar 1/1 and then later she does stalder 1/1 + pak. I guess with the lower connection bonus this quad, it's easier for her to do her composition this way.

Inbar 1/1 + VLW (E+E) 0.1
Inbar + 1/2 + P. Jaeger (D+D) 0.1
Stalder 1/1 + Pak Salto (D+D) 0.1
Toe 1/1 + Tsuk (D+D) 0.1

3.4 + 0.4CV = 3.8 + 2.5CR = 6.3 D-score

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