Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kohei Uchimura Wins 2013 67th Japanese MAG AA Nationals

Source with more information

1) Kohei Uchimura 91.850 + 90.500 = 182.350 AA Day 1 & 2 combined
2) Ryohei Kato 89.800 + 88.55 = 178.350 AA
3) Yusuke Tanaka 88.050 + 89.250 = 177.300 AA

The translation was rough to understand so hopefully I did the scores correctly. I tried watching this event live but my feed was really choppy and then I couldn't refresh the link. I got tired so I went to sleep. The Japanese Universiade team for 2013 will be Ryohei Kato, Yusuke Tanaka, Shogo Nonomura, Chihiro Yoshioga and Hiroki Ishikawa. I'm not sure if I got all the names right.

Oh I just found Day 2 part 1 (watch it before it might get deleted)

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