Friday, May 3, 2013

Ksenia Afanasyeva Training Early for 2013 Universiade Games


While the majority of the Russian gymnasts decided to take a rest after the 2013 European Championships Ksenia Afanasyeva continued to resume training. Here is my quick thoughts and synopsis of the article:

The Russian national team will start training for the Universiade Games on May 5th but Afanasyeva started training 5 days earlier. Afanasyeva is currently at Round Lake with her personal coach Marina Nazarova. It must be nice that she is training quietly in the gym before the other girls come in. I like that she is serious about her gymnastics career. She says that it’s easier for the other gymnasts to maintain good shape while she probably finds it harder to stay in shape and she says she is in decent shape. I personally think she is in great shape. She also says that she had nothing to do and she was probably bored so she and her coach decided to train early. The interviewer asked Ksenia if she was disappointed at some of her European results and she said, “yes, now everything is fine” (laughs). Perhaps she is disappointed with her AA results. I can see her doing well at the Universiade Games for AA.

I’m really enjoying her positive work ethic.

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