Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kohei Uchimura's Double Saltos

 (Source: gymnasticsgif)

Why would Uchimura want to do double saltos when twisting skills can give you more bonus? Some people seems to forget that Uchimura actually performed double saltos in his past floor routines. I wouldn't blame Uchimura for this but would blame the MAG CoP. At least Uchimura can twist clean unlike the majority of the elite gymnasts out there. Doing two twisting combo can give good bonus and it will count two decent elements for example D+C 0.1 bonus. It's much harder to count one G/F VS D & C + bonus when adding up the total d-score of the top 10 skills. The gymnast doing a G or F skill will have to find another element to count towards the top 10. Yes it's possible to have one G or F and multiple twisting elements but when you can get more points for doing all twisting elements, mind as well do it! By the way the first gif is a 3/1 twisting 2/1 tuck.

(source: supermura)

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