Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maria Kharenkova's 7.0 Beam D- Score (Training 2013 EYOF)

I was reading the Couch Gymnast's EYOF podium training notes and videos post and saw a video of Kharenkova's podium beam routine. What caught my attention was the aerial cartwheel connected to switch ring leap. I also noticed that she upgraded her beam so I calculated her difficulty and was surprised to see that she is going for a 7.0 routine. I gave her all the benefit of doubt but the leap series she does after her layout. She could go to 7.1 if she connects it from the layout and it seems she might be trying to do that.

Here is how a potential 7.0 beam routine can look like.Video by gymnoceiling. FF + BHS + Layout (E) 0.1SB 0.1CV
Leap series
Switch leap + Back pike - 0.1CV
L-turn + full turn - 0.1CV
Aerial cartwheel + Switch ring (D+E) 0.2CV
Front Aerial + Sheep jump (D+D) 0.2CV
Front tuck + Wolf jump (D) 0.1CV
Switch leap 1/2 (D)
FF + BHS + Dbl pike (E) 0.1SB

3.5 + 0.8CV + 0.2SB = 4.5 + 2.5CR = 7.0 D-score potential.

She does more skills than she needs to and could get deducted for more in execution. I hope she can improve on this set. Russia needs this kind of difficulty.

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