Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thoughts on WAG AA Universiade 2013

Unofficial results. Check the gymnastics results website for official results.

This competition was intense and filled with lots of nervy moments but in the end the two top Russians pulled it together! I watched this on Russian live feed with Russian commentators. I will focus mainly on Aliya Mustafina and Ksenia Afanasyeva.

VT- Afan gets a nice 14.950 for her relatively clean DTY. Nice form on the legs but hop or step back on landing. Good start.

Mustafina has some leg form and I hope she can improve on that. Not really pleasing to see the legs but still a good vault for 14.750.

UB - Afan debuts a new composition on bars. Starts with shap + pak this time. Bars is not her forte. She gets through it for 13.750.

Mustafina proves why she is a bamf on bars. She is so good here. There were no major errors. She still did her 6.3 routine. Well executed for 15.200. That score will help her a lot.

On beam this was the nerve wreaking event for both Musty and Afan. 

Musty starts off okay but then does not connect her onodi to 2/1 turn and falls off beam. Everything goes well after that. I think she just took out her Arabian for this competition which was a good idea. But this new composition beam is not good IMO. Beam is not her forte but she is capable of hitting her routines. Even with the fall she still manages to get a decent score of 14.050. Nothing to be worried about.

Afan- debuted a new composition as well. She does a new split ring, needs work. She was super wobbly on this event it was so hard to watch. Like Musty she is hit or miss. She seemed super nervous but the crowd helped her to stay on. I much prefer this composition. I hope she can improve on this event because it has potential. She stayed on but all the missed connections and wobbles caused her a lot of deductions for a score of 13. 150 ouch.

The last rotation was much better for the two Russian girls, thank god. Afan showed why she is a world champion on floor. Stuck DLO and double pike. No major errors on her other acrobatics. Her spins were a bit iffy but still nicely done. I am amazed at her ability to keep on tumbling for so many years. She just keeps on getting better. She scores a monstrous 15.000.

Up last was Aliya Mustafina. She did a minor downgraded routine. I thought this was a nice routine and her low 13.900 was surprising to see IMHO.

In the end Aliya honestly easily won this competition. I think AA titles really suits Musty more than for Afan. I know that Afan has been doing AA forever but it feels right for Mustafina to take this title. I'm very happy and pleased that Aliya took this title. She still needs work for worlds but this is mid season and I can see that she is not in top shape and should be in better shape for Antwerp worlds. Aliya 1) 57.900 and 2) Afanasyeva 56.850.

I honestly didn't keep track of who won 3rd because I was really focused on the Russians and I was chatting with a friend. But some things worth noting. I liked Kim Bui's Loso mount + loso. Yu Minobe of Japan had a solid and nice beam routine. Elsa Garcia of Mexico dismounted with an Arabian tucked, it's very ambitious but she fell. She qualified 2nd for floor so hopefully she will be better in event finals. 

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