Monday, July 8, 2013

Quick Thoughts on MAG TF/QF Universiade 2013

Alright so here is my very quick recap and impressions of this event. These are unofficial scores. The broadcast only showed the last subdivision.

1) Russia 273.150 2) Ukraine 3) Japan 269.700. Yesterday I promised that I would put the results in but I'm sure my small amount of followers know where to find results. In case you don't. I like to check this site gymnastics results.

I think Russia did pretty well they were under pressure and they delivered. They had some mistakes but nothing too serious and costly. They showed some routines of the Ukrainians and Japanese but not enough. Japan pretty much had a B team compared to Russia's A team. Even though Yusuke Tanaka didn't make Japan's world team he did okay here. The broadcast showed a lot of him and he made it to some finals, yay.

I heard the results of Yang Hak Seon was great on VT, he wasn't in this subdivision. I'm hoping all the best for him in VT finals.

One of his competition will be Denis Ablyazin. He did a nice Tsuk dbl pike with a 0.3 step back IMO. His second vault FHS 5/2 with a 0.1 step back. VT1 15.350 VT2 15.400 AVG 15.375. I wonder if he will do his Li Xiaopeng vault in finals.

His floor routine was good too for 15.650. He did, fwd 5/2, 2/1 twist DLO, fwd 2/1 twist + 2/1 front tuck, Thomas Stretched, Japanese hstd, dbl pike Arabian, bwd 3/2 + fwd 1/1, 3/1 twist dismount.

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