Thursday, September 5, 2013

CoP - Tip of the Month

Compositional requirements (CR) are requirements that must be included in a routine. When one CR has been met the gymnast will receive 0.5. The maximum CR a gymnast can receive is 2.5. Each apparatuses will have different CR.

For example uneven bars CR are:

1. Flight element from HB to LB 0.5
2. Flight element on same bar 0.5
3. Different grips (no cast, MT, DMT) 0.5
4. Non flight element with min. 360 degree turn (no MT) 0.5
5. Dismount
  • No dismount, A or B element no CR awarded
  • C element 0.3
  • D element or higher 0.5     
If a gymnast successfully does all the CR then she will be awarded 2.5 CR. If she misses two CR then she will only be awarded 1.5. For dismounts, if a gymnast only does a C element dismount she will only receive 3 tenths instead of the 5 tenths. Sometimes you'll see CR calculated like this 2.3.
HB - High bar
LB - Low bar
MT - Mount
DMT - Dismount
360 degree is a full turn

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