Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mustafina 2013 Worlds Training News

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This is very exciting news, here is Aliya Mustafina doing a Seitz (Toe on shap 1/1 but with mixed grip) + Pak salto. I'm thinking after the Pak she will connect it to the stalder shap 1/2. She is also doing her Mustafina dismount. Aliya is looking really fierce and fit. Also exciting news is that she is doing two whips indirect to double Arabian, very cool. It's not surprising since the Russians are very good at whipping and at age 19 Afanasyeva was first upgrading to whips so hearing that an 18 year old Mustafina upgrading to whips seems like a very obvious choice. I can't wait to see how Mustafina's full routines will look like. I knew the real Mustafina would emerge. Early in the season she really lacked excitement, except for her beam. The real competition is on and I'm excited to see Mustafina. I'm getting all my info from gymnastike and gymnastics examiner.

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