Monday, September 9, 2013

Sandra Izbasa 15.600 ROU '13 National FX Routine

I think the score seems fair enough but I don't think the judges at worlds will give that routine a high 15.6. This was a national competition so of course the scores were adjusted. I hear that Izbasa will retire this year? Well that is what I'm hearing but I'm not sure. It would be nice for her to win a gold medal or just medal on this event at worlds before she retires but I am rooting for Maroney to take the gold. Yes, I said Maroney. I don't have much of an opinion on Izbasa's artistry but I prefer Maroney's FX. I don't particularly like full in acros and 5/2 twists in combination as dismounts. I feel Izbasa could compose her floor routine differently but the way she composes works for her. It's kinda like when I saw Beth Tweddle dismount with 5/2 twists + combo, I just didn't like it. It seems like those kind of passes should be in the middle of a routine. I particularly like Maroney's floor because she is clean. No crossing in twisting acro's, no backhand spring leg separations and she does skills that I prefer. Like double layout and double arabian.

I'm not sure what Izbasa was credit for difficulty but I noticed she took a step on her B+B spinning combo. According to the CoP B+B turn combo does not allow a step. So Izbasa's turning combo should not get 0.1CV.  Either than that I think this routine was well performed and a medal contender for worlds.


  1. Look at Manroney's steps after the double layout..

    1. Snarky i see. Izbaster's tumbles are fugly.