Monday, March 17, 2014

Maria Kharenkova 2014 Cottbus Beam & Floor

Kharenkova finished 2nd on beam with a credited difficulty of 5.9 + 7.950 execution for total of 13.850, full results. She intended to go for a 6.7 routine but was severely downgraded by 0.8 tenths (She could have been trying to connect aerial cartwheel to switch leap but the -0.8 still makes sense). Really harsh downgrades but her dance elements plus with the connections were most likely the downgrades. I can see slight hesitations in her dance/acro connections. If her 2 ff + layout were downgraded then I think that was a bit harsh since it seemed layout to me. Here is my theory:

-0.1 CV switch leap + pike back
-0.2 CV fwd aerial + sheep
-0.1 DV sheep jump slight open ring (might be a bit harsh)
-0.2 DV switch ring to switch leap (no arch and release of head)
-0.1 CV switch 1/2 + tuck back
-0.1 DV switch 1/2 to C (not sure but I don't want to downgrade the layout CV)

Basically Kharenkova's coaches should not make her do so many dance/acro elements that only gives her connection values but no top 8 counting skills. I'm not a fan of the switch leap variations to back pike/tucks. I think it's safe to say Kharenkova should take out some elements from her routine.

Kharenkova finished 3rd on floor with D 5.6 + E 8.25 -0.1 Penalty = 13.750.

I think overall Kharenkova did a good job with her senior debut. She still has time to figure out her routines.

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