Thursday, March 27, 2014

Peng Wang Doha 2014 FX - Quad Twists

Say what? Let me work out his difficulty. Excuse me if I get anything wrong since I'm rusty with the MAG code.

Bwd 7/2 + Fwd 1/1 (E+C) 0.1CV
Bwd 4/1 (F)
Bwd 5/2 + Fwd 3/2 (D+C) 0.1CV
Fwd 5/2 (E)
Thomas Salto (D)
Fedorchenko (C)
Japanese Hstd (C)
Bwd 3/1 (D)

4.0 + 0.2CV + 2.5EGR = 6.7 D-score || His completions of some twists were iffy but it seems the judges gave him credit for everything.

Here he got 6.7D + 8.4E = 15.1

And here is Paul Ruggeri's routine because he does double saltos.

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