Sunday, April 20, 2014

Afanasyeva's Full Russian Championship 2014 FX Choreography

Alyssia Spaan has uploaded Afan's full fx routine to youtube.  The original uploader was from VK.

I really like it! The more I watch it the more it grows on me. It has potential to be amazing. If not, I still like it and it's not because I'm bias. I haven't really seen a floor routine that I liked from this year (choreo wise) as much as I like this one. Afan does need to inject more sass :P or energy into her choreo but I feel that will come when she really needs to perform it. It's new so it should get better. The tumbling was obviously downgraded due to her just getting back into training from injury. She wasn't even suppose to compete but she decided to. I hope it was the right decision. I'm looking forward to her working hard to make the 2014 worlds team. Also, just in case if you missed it her DTY. Nice that she went for it.

I especially liked the whole choreo sequence from 0:33-0:51



  1. Thanks for posting! So for not much training, this routine is great.

    Double turn w/ leg at horizontal + Y turn (D+B, 0.1 CV)
    whip whip indirect double full (A+A+C)
    switch leap + gogean (B+D)
    front layout (B)
    semenova turn + double turn (D+B, 0.1 CV)
    front 1/1 stretched (C)
    split ring leap (C)

    She already has 5.0 difficulty here. If she is only going for three passes (whip+whip triple, 5/2 punch 1/1, double pike?) She'll have 6.2 without getting the switch ring leap to gogean back. I hope to see her perform at worlds!

  2. I hope to see her at worlds too :) !