Thursday, April 3, 2014

Komova QF UB - 2014 Russian Championships

She's BACK! Haha sorry about the lame excitement, it's for humour effect. Hopefully it was funny but actually it's really nice to see Komova back in action. She is looking really good. She still has a nice look to her gymnastics. Seeing her bar routine I think she will still be able to bring back the big skills like the piked tkatchev and even the dbl dbl tuck dismount. I mean Tweddle was able to do it at age 27 so there should be no doubt that Komova could regain it back again. I hear she has a new skill on bars. Can't wait to see what it is. It looks like she finally took out the giant 1/2 before the dismount. The cast 1/2 was a bit iffy but it seems she really is not good at that change and honestly I have gotten used to the giant 1/2 that it's not even an issue for me. If it works for her it works for her but if she's intending to do the cast 1/2 hopefully she will improve on it. I heard she scored 15.000 for this routine. Seems reasonable.

Most of the video quality are not the best because of the live stream. I'm grateful for the Russian fans who recorded the live feed as this competition is too early for me to watch. I haven't check the results but based on pictures Mustafina won AA. For results you guys can check the official website. And for the full coverage you guys can check out luchinho84 youtube.  

Komova II + Pak Salto (E+D) 0.2
Komova (E)
Inbar 1/2 + Layout Jaeger (D+E) 0.1
Inbar 1/1 + Tkatchev (E+D) 0.1
Tsuk (D)

3.6 + 0.4CV + 2.5CR = 6.5 D-score


  1. Hi Mr. Hang,

    I recently discovered your blog - I'm really enjoying your posts - thanks!

    I watched the subdivision 2 posted on youtube. Mustafina won with a tally over 59, followed by Sosnitskaya with just over 58. Grishina was third with 56+

    Mustafina's floor was excellent and I expect she'll be adding a little bit more into it (bring back the whip whip indirect double arabian series, based on her long pause). I like how she has already adapted to the new floor rules and that she showed great control in her spins. She received 15.1 (I estimated 6.1 difficulty). On beam she posted a humongous 15.4 (I think they gave her 6.4, but if she gets everything she may have 6.6).

  2. Hello thank you for the extra information.

    It's early in the season so I wasn't expecting much from Mustafina and she proved that. She did good for her first competition of the year. I hope she can sort out her floor because IMO it's kind of a mess with those risky dance skills. I do hope she brings more to floor since she was basically taking a rest after her first pass and her 2.5 twists has gotten really bad. Beam is beam and she's good there with a few issues but not enough for me to say much. I would say she will not score like this internationally. Anyway it's early in the season and she has time to sort things out.

    1. Thanks for responding! I feel similar regarding the risk of her spins - but I loved seeing them. Getting credited for the memmel twice in her routine would be -0.2 DV (switch leap, B would be counted). I thought she did the spins nicely.

      I agree that she looked great this early as well - the form on the pass you mentioned, hitting the extra mat with her feet before dismounting, and missing the sissone+side somi connection on beam were her only huge mistakes my novice eyes could catch.