Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ross VS Key DTY || Pacific Rim 2014

I don't get how Ross can score the same execution score as Key's DTY. It probably has to do with the different codes? Key is a junior so the rules are different but I feel 9.5 for Ross is high. I do like Ross and when comparing her gymnastics to other gymnasts routines I can see the clean execution but not this time on the vault. What do you guys think?



  1. I thought the same thing when I saw the scores. Bailie's score should have been better than Kyla's. Kyla's execution wasn't up to her usual performance on floor or beam either IMO. Still good, just not what we are used to!

  2. So tell me price has a huge step forward on her vault; and still gets a high score . Come on

  3. When I first look at the vaults, I totally agree - Key's is superior, so I re-watched each phase of the vaults. BTW, do the judges have access to replay?

    After re-watching, I still think Key's vault is superior in all regards except amplitude. Perhaps the problem was vaulting order? I think it was Dennis, Key, Ernst, Ross, Price - and Ross was probably better than Ernst. I think Ross also enjoys a bigger reputation than Key at this point, so all of the subliminal factors are in Ross's favor here. Maybe if Key vaulted after Ross she would have had 9.7 or something like that.