Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's NOT Too Late To Fight

Many people always write off Afanasyeva but she just keeps on coming back. In fact she is the reigning world champion on FX. She just keeps on surviving injuries after injuries. I love this montage about her made 2 yrs ago, It's Too Late To Fight done by nastia2012.

I guess it wasn't too late to fight after all. She had knee surgery early last year and helped Russia clinched the silver medal in Tokyo last year. If I knew how to make high quality beautiful montages I would make one for Afanasyeva. She deserves to have more montages on YouTube.

The Russian Federation really needs to bring Afanasyeva to the Olympic Games. No one on that team has her style. There are a lot of fans who loves Afanasyeva and wants her to succeed (I am one of them). It's not too late to fight for gold at the Olympics.

2011 WAG World Championships → All-Around Finals → KSENIA AFANASYEVA {Russia}
(Source: cinnamellark)

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