Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yippee Ki Yay CANADA

Yippee Ki Yay the Canadian WAG team has qualified a full team to this year's Olympic games. I'm still disappointed by the men's team though. The women qualified in 2nd place at the test event. This is exciting news for me and probably most Canadians. Well done girls.

Meanwhile Anastasia Grishina and Yulia Inshina didn't do so hot in the qualification/AA.

Grishina's bars is truly beautiful to watch though. She has been working really hard on bars and her kips are improving. The only area that really bothers me is the leg separation in the pak. There is also a tap swing in her routine but it does not bother me much. I still have faith in Grishina. She still has 7-6 months left. I hope she dances more on FX too. It's kind of depressing to watch her floor routine, even sometimes when Afanasyeva does less choreo she still has something special, like a spark, Grishina not so much.

Here is Grishina's Qualification/AA UB routine.

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