Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome :)

Hello to the internet world. This is the first blog I have ever created in my life. Please forgive me if I have bad grammar. I will try to improve my English grammar. I am not trying to be a professional or anything. I will always accept constructive criticism. I decided to make a blog to pass time and since it's a new year it wouldn't hurt to try new things.

This is mainly a gymnastic blog with my perspective on it. I am a huge fan of both men and women's gymnastics. I will post many other things that I find interesting that are not related to gymnastics.

I am a new gymnastics fan. I have always knew gymnastics existed though :). The first time I remember watching gymnastics was in 1992. I wasn't a gymnastics fanatic in those days though (90's-2007). I was born in the 80's so I know very little about gymnastics from the 80's.

I really got into gymnastics in 2008 Beijing. Also my older brother was a gymnast which is kind of a nostalgia thing for me. My gymnastics journey starts with Ksenia Afanasyeva. This is why my blog is named Gymnasts #391 because Afanasyeva's identifying number was #391 in Beijing. There was just something about her that I liked. She is the first female gymnast that I became a fan of. Some MAG gymnasts I use to follow are Nemov and Tomita. Kohei Uchimura is another new favourite of mine.

I mostly follow the Russian WAG (women's artistic gymnastics), but can appreciate great gymnastics from all around the world. I'll try to not be bias but who isn't?

Welcome to my head.

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