Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beth Tweddle Minor Injury & New Russian Training Video

Ah my favourite for the Olympic gold medal on bars just had knee surgery. Why are all my favourites getting injured or sick? Kohei Uchimura better be safe. Click here for the mini article of Tweddle and the British European squad. I pray for Tweddle and hope she will recovery well and fight for that UB title.

And now to the main event. I'm not sure how new this video clip is but KSENIA AFANASYEVA is training in this clip. She is just getting more beautiful everyday. You can hardly see her but she's in there. I know I talk a lot about Afanasyeva but she is the main girl that got me into being a crazy gym fan. While everyone talks about the other Russian superstars I'll talk about Afanasyeva. I don't even know what's going on with her lately. Will she all of a sudden be at the European championships? We'll see. I also spot Anna Dementyeva. I hope everything will work out for her. She has been a big part of Russian gymnastics this quad. Mustafina and Komova are looking in great shape. I can't wait to see how Komova's new floor routine will look like. I hope her new floor music will grow on me. Komova is my favourite to win the Olympic all-around title. Ok enough with my blabbing and here is the new training video.
Edit-This video is indeed old. It was at least 3 weeks old. There was another video clip of Mustafina 3 weeks ago with the same gymnasts and outfits. The video link is here Aliya Mustafina ready for London Olympics 2012

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